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Artist: T-Bone
Song Title: To Da River
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feat. Lil Zane, Montell Jordan
Intro [T-Bone (Lil Zane)]

Ahh, for shiggity
Mr. Boney Bone Corleone, Lil Zane
And the one and only busta Javiggadink
(Lil Zane, ahh ahh)
Yo, holla at em Zane
Let em know how we do pimpin'

[Verse 1: Lil Zane]
Wasn't for him, I wouldn't be alive
Chest high for tellin' lies, since then baptized
Look in my eyes can you see the pain
Why does the sun shine when it rains
Hard times got me feelin' daddy never did a thang
But God chose and put me in a Rolls and
Keeps my wrists frozen, never brown nosin'
Like an explosion, I'm causin' commotion
Spit the truth like a prophet, I talk to the ocean
People fear what they can't understand
I thank God that I can, I stay focused keepin' him in my plan
Never losin' my fate, haters gonna try to degrade
Gotta be in my state of mind or relate
Gotta know this is the end and ain't no time to waste
Time to face your fate and I pray you don't end up in a lake
Do whatever it take, so many mistakes we made
But we gon' all get it right once we down by the riverside

Chorus [Montell Jordan (T-Bone)]

Going down
(We going down to the river, take it to the river)
Going down, baby
(Yo, down to the river, take it to the river)
Going dow-ow-ow-own
I'm going down, baby
(We going down to the river)

[Verse 2: T-Bone]
I'm gonna lay down...
All of my glocks and automatics
I'm charismatic like CrackAddicts
Ya wreak havoc like road rages and bad traffic
It gets drastic but these fantastic
And attracting, no more packin'
Now we're fastin', has no more passion
How can I keep this life everlastin'
Sick of blastin' and dashin'
Flashin' like Charles Manson
They picked a ransom
Now I'm glory, holler, dancin' (ooohhhwee)
I'm flippin' to rippin' to comin' to lyrical size y'all never heard
Tellin' em reach them partners definitely on them corners flippin' birds
Forget the English spit rhymes para miente
Buster and Javanni bringin' beats like lethal prentice
Salsa, merengue, ritmos calientes
Azuca sabroso pa' ti y pa' mi

Headin' down to the riverside so I can lick the omen now
When I come out of the water a new man fin' to come alive
Revived with the Holy Ghost and tears in my eyes

Chorus [Montell Jordan (T-Bone)]

Going down
(We going down to the river, take it to the river)
Going down, baby
(Yo, down to the river, take it to the river)
Going dow-ow-ow-own
I'm going down, baby
(We going down to the river)

[T-Bone & Lil Zane]

We take it to the river
You know we go down, down

[Verse 3: T-Bone & Lil Zane]
[T] I'm sick of packin' all these nines, slayin' dimes
And smokin' on the mighty whina
Chillin' with pretty mommas from Havana in the Bahamas
Most demons tryin' to see me hot like I'm in the sauna
And I'm just tryin' to get ya loose kinda like Madonna
[Z] Everybody I know, tell em it's time to go
Me and T-Bone in a six fo' sittin' real low
Bout to roll to the riverside, put that liquor to the side
Ain't no need for gettin' high; stay alive, payin' time
[T] Plus...
Hell should die in the end
Got me trippin' y'all
Never really and I never adverted
Cuz I don't wanna be left and burnin'
Flirtin' with death and ain't promised my last breath
Try some prison blues, all this fear's got me under arrest
[Z] I used to be a thug, sold drugs, might assault ya
Stepped up in the church, got converted at the altar
And I don't fault ya, fell back and he caught ya
Out tryin' to false better live what he taught ya

[Chorus: Montell Jordan] + (T-Bone)
Going down
(We going down to the river, take it to the river)
Going down, baby
(Yo, down to the river, take it to the river)
Going dow-ow-ow-own
I'm going down, baby
(We going down to the river)

[T-Bone & Lil Zane]

(Going down)
(I'm going down, baby)
We take it to the river
You know we go down, down

We going down to the river, take it to the river
Yo, yo, down to the river, down to the river

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