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Artist: Tegan And Sara
Song Title: Freedom
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shoulders of perfection let them drag you
straight across and tell me
have we found perfection are we finally lost and
I'm staring from a distance
why don't you come get a closer look
I can guarantee that lickin' the package
ain't ever quite as good
so they're looking for a new face with a voice to go along
I can tell you right now that ain't my style
I don't do no sing alongs
with my freedom from the mighty sky
to the ground she said
you've got the freedom
to walk out if they drag you down
standin' on the edge of a crisis
we decide to raise our own voices
consider that the sounds is our own and the fact
our feet grow up from the ground
this is where I wanna be
this is who I wanna be
so they get your voice
but they can they can never get your soul yes
there's a million things about me you will never know
like they caught me on video
and yeah they caught me on radio yeah
they caught me on video radio stereo
you've got the freedom to walk out
if they drag you down
freedom from the mighty sky to the ground she said
you've got the freedom baby to walk out
if they drag you down
if they drag you
if they drag you
walk out

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