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Artist: Ugly Kid Joe
Ugly Kid Joe Author
Album: As Ugly As They Wanna Be (1991)
Ugly Kid Joe - As Ugly As They Wanna Be Album
Song Title: Madman
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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Disneyland is the place to be,
c'mon baby, just you and me
Hand in hand, to Disneyland,
we go ! Not slow
Happiest place, in the world until a madman grabs a girl;
Hand in hand, with the madman she goes ! Oh oh !

Knife gleamin' no feelin's, axe wieldin', child stealin'
madman is loose... in Disneyland. (in Disneyland)

Come here little girl if you wanna see, Peter Pan's Magic
Flight on L.S.D.
Up and down, all around, we go ! Whoa oh !

Knife gleamin' no feelin's, axe wieldin', child stealin'
madman is loose... in Disneyland. (in Disneyland)

Madman is loose in Disneyland, he's back here by popular de-
Madman is loose in Disneyland, he'll take no shit but he'll
take your head!

Surprise, Surprise, I'm comin' at ya' live
I sure as hell ain't Mickey Mouse, I'm a killer in disguise
You can run and you can hide
But you ain't gettin' away 'cause I got you in my sight

Axe wieldin', child stealin'
I'm a mad motherfuckin' man and I'm loose!... in disneyland!

have you heard the news, madman sure is loose
Got you by the noose, have his way with you
Nothin' you can do, headlines in the news
Madman sure is loose, in Disneyland

Disneyland is the place to be, in California, by the sea
Sunny day, well A.O.K., for now, and how

Knife gleamin' no feelin's, axe wieldin', child stealin'
madman is loose... in Disneyland. (in Disneyland

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