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Artist: Uk Mission
Song Title: (Slave To) Lust
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First Im gonna fuck you and then well make love
Baby its been too damn long
Ill conquer every orifice, scream at the heavens above
Where have all the angels gone?
I want to take in my mouth, take you deep inside
Take you for a trip, take you for a ride
Ill feed your every hunger, do whatever you want me to do
Its not so strange how the medicine affects you

And Ill be a slave
Ill be a servant to lust
Slave to lust
Ill be a slave to lust
Slave to lust

I just want to leave this world for a little while
I want to feel like the God you want me to be
I want high ascension, fast love and exultation
I know you understand this need in me
Im sick of masturbation, tired of playing with myself
Dont wanna go to hell, dont wanna go blind
As sure as the river flows and ebbs out to the sea
Ill give you everything I have if you blow my mind

And Ill be a slave
Ill be a servant to lust
Slave to lust
Ill be a slave to lust
Slave to lust

You being off your face can be a beautiful place
When you there with the one you love
And I always knew and I know you did to that too much is never enough

Im a slave to lust
Slave to lust

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