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Artist: Uncle
Song Title: Bloodstain
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They say if you took it all away
This love would fall apart
I say, no way
You don't know the size of my heart.

Vicious, suspicious
It doesn't matter what I say
Users and losers
There's nothing here to make me stay.

Bloodstain on a blue vein
Take it with no shame
Love tracks on a loose train

No gain with no pain
My scars are deeper than you think
Tie me, try me
One more time before I sink.

Big lies, big times
This love is not what we're about
It's too late, and I'm too straight
It's time to blow this fire out.

Bloodstain on a blue vein
Take it with no shame
Love tracks on a loose train
Bloodstain on a blue vein

Take me softly
I'm going crazy for your touch.

Bloodstain on a blue vein
(Blue....blood, blue....blood, blue...blood)
Take it with no shame
(No...take, no...take, no...take)

I'm alone
And dissatisfied
And someone else is alone
And dissatisfied

You are alone?

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