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Artist: Underscore
Song Title: This Ones For You (You Know Who You Are)
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All we need is.
Coffee and cigarettes.
New flames and old regrets.
What more could you ask for.
Cheap wine and poetry dream.
You laying here with me.
The times that I live for.

And someday I'll get out of this place.
And watch the tears melt all the makeup off your face.
So slowly but surely so jaded.
I wont take this Heart breaking pain with me.
So forget me Can't you see we're falling apart.
Blowing kisses in the wind and laughing back at you.
As I fly away from here.

There is no storybook ending.
Just ruined lives and broken hearts.
I don't know why I keep pretending.
I should have left you from the start.

Coffee and cigarettes new faces to forget.
Broken frames with your picture.
And every night's the same.
some bad things never change.
All the right words at all the wrong times.

I'm never better only suffering for you dear.
You know its gonna be a close call if you fear.
That I'm the only one who holds the key.
To breaking up your heart I think the hero.
dies in this one I think.
I know who killed him off I bet its your fault.

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