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Artist: Underworld
Underworld Author
Album: Change The Weather (1989)
Underworld - Change The Weather Album
Song Title: Beach
Genre: Electronic
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if they dont know and they dont know theyre gonna find out soon enough.
im so hot. as
if that hurt. did you wash it. fester it around some. you dont even have to
mind your own stuff. bring in the marines. ive
heard so many other things and it was all brown. with the suction ones.
the ones that suck it up. and i dont ever do the eye till i did that
thing. i bet you like a blue boost. try a noose. loosen the strap where
the two metal ends. rest your head against the steel. blow in to the tube.
show me your legs. help me. show
me a pink smile. walking up the aisle. show me the things underneath
your seat. show me your tiny plastic soft drink. a song like a
squealing pig. like a train with wheels. in the dark with the lights
off. concealed. im thinking of you still. :: white room. little legend.
fishman. nike man.
red stripe. blue mercedes. big dog. salty man. full moon rising. old
boy. salty girl. bunny girl. happy shopper. bouncing
ball. city sun. think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real
stuff. white crumbs across your bed. gray clouds cover bethnal green.
white jeans. black top. nice shape. cracks a blue bitch till the son come
sliding. naked beneath the knee. reflect black eyes. your knee talking. i
think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real stuff.

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