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Artist: Undying
Song Title: Echoes
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echoes of mesopotamia

a whispered disease that left us on knees too weak to stand

upon this empire nature's purity revealed

wave the sword of science, keep the truth concealed

we are the ten thousand year reich - with us let it end

to the sands of time that lent destruction a hand

let harmful ways amend

for the path has been chosen, the damage is done

but our culture continues its course

sip poisoned wine from the chalice of one culture's way

down the highways of progress we've paved

crosses stand erect where death won the day

and we prayed our mortal souls to save

when one does not see what one does not see

one does not even see one is blind

do we choose to close our eyes

or is it the veil is so stained

by the treasons of our humanity

that we're helpless of knowing new ways?

a tender hush lulls us to sleep

our hope lies shattered like broken glass

march upon hollow dreams

take me back to an unseen past,

and cleanse our minds wrecked by time

listen, can you hear them?

it's such comfort knowing they are there

looking over our every move,

and guiding us in the right direction

without them what would we be

but lost souls trapped in an untamed jungle?

what would we be

but a species undeserving of our proper place?

without this civilization

our way of thinking, our way of life,

what would we be?

what kind of lives would we be living?

what would we do and where would our paths take us

without the whispered lies of angels...

death to the wisdom of the ancients

five hundred generations - now it seems we are forever lost

like priests cloaked in dominion's robes

cut up, control, shape this world in a better way

you've staked your claim so dance in the flames...

...while we fight to write our names.

on the walls of this world going down

what are we fighting for? whose world are you fighting for?

if ours is the voice that knows only silence

then to whom should we turn for recourse?

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