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Artist: Unida
Unida Author
Album: Coping With The Urban Coyote (1999)
Unida - Coping With The Urban Coyote Album
Song Title: Thorn
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Do you wanna say goodbye to your best friend, your buddy?

Never wanted to slap your girl, she's your money

I said love, only love

You spread your wings and you fly with the best

it's so bloody, it's so bloody

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

Take your time, take your hate out

I can tell you, it's a lady's game

You take a life of shit

oh man, you almost went insane

Love, only love

No one cares, and you lie to yourself

It's the wrong place, it's the wrong face

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

Love, only love

You spread your wings, and you fly with the best

It's so bloody, it's so bloody

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

Love, whoa love, you wanna survive

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