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Artist: Uninvited
Song Title: Is That Me
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Leaning on a broken crutch
Said alo,t but ain't done much
Sittin' on a pile of good intentions
I had a plan, it's here somewhere
Underneath that padded chair
Between the couch and the television

Morning makes a claim
Get out, play the game
But there's something here that isn't quite the same

Is that really me, in the mirror
Is that me in this picture
Could it be that I lived through all those years
Is that me in the mirror
I can see someone familiar
But it seemsthe laughter and the tears
Have all but passed him by

Hey, here comes Father Time
He's holding up a cardboard sign
Says, "Any day might be the end now..."
I never knew what it was about
I always laughed and kicked him out
Well he just said, "Hey, that's okay now."
'Cause here's another day
It's free to throw away
But first there's something I just gotta say


Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who's the one to drop the ball?

Hey babe, let's take a drive
I've gotta blow this dive
I don't care where we're goin
Hit the road and have some fun
Check it out while we're still young
Heave the TV through the window

Here's another day
Let's make the bastards pay
And make sure we'll never have to say


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