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Artist: Vanessa Carlton
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Song Title: Drowning
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Im drowning in sorrow and all the missed,
I missed so many opportunities.
How can I possibly find joy?

Small bits of life, of my life,
The good old times,
Can send a quick second of happiness
Running through my body.
But it never lasts.

Its not enough.
That small sliver of light
Doesnt make up for all the dark shadows
Which encompass the entire room.

That small sliver makes the surrounding shadows appear darker.
It makes the misery seem so much worse, so much more intense.
I need a branch, something sturdy; not a sliver.
Maybe a large branch of light would overtake the shadows.

The happiness doesnt seem to overtake
The pool of misery and depression
That I seem to be sinking in.

I need strength, I need to be heard.
People seem to only want to listen
Once they see the colors,
Once the pain is visible.

I cant just be there for them,
They need to be there, too.

Why dont they understand this isnt some game.
You cant just quit and leave me to keep on going
Its not the kind of thing that can be erased
Abandonment is all your good for.

Times change and people change
But true friends are supposed to always be there,
To always care. Theyre supposed to continuously
Listen and take action,
Save me as I drown.

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