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Artist: Victor
Song Title: At the End
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I sit back and watch you go by me
claw for your important place in society
money prestige fame and fuckin' glory
everywhere you look it's the same old story
anythinf goes if you've got a lot of money
everyone's a comic but nothing very funny
most of all we talk about misery
ignore the past and forget about history
Shut up, sow down get out of my face
I watch all your little dreams vanis wothout a trace
and criticize shit you don't try to understand
I'm trying not to giggle at your silly demands
I go to the zoo and stare at the animals
walk downtown and check out the cannibals
all dressed up and decorated
I wonder if the animals really love their cages?
There you sit isolated
hiding away from the things that you hated
hypnotized; mind so seated
media made my mind so afraid and
that's OK it's better that way
I wonder if the game's on TV today?
we're all fenced in; incarcerated
I wonder if the animals really love theri cages?

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