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Artist: Victoria Williams
Song Title: Gladys and Lucy
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Words by Victoria Williams

Gladys and Lucy
Well there's a change in the wind
When you look and see
Where you are and where you've been
On this hill
Walking on this hill
On this canyon path there are no strangers
Though they only met today
Talk of what they kept and what threw away
Shaky dreams of men
Never again they say
A new day for you
A new day for me
On this hill
Walking on this hill
Gladys is packing
Chicago bound
Lucy is a staying in that LA town
Though she never learned to drive
How will she survive
On this hill
A new day for you
A new day for me
A new day for you
A new day for me
On this hill
Walking on this hill
Walking on this hill
Walking on this hill
A new day for you...

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