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Artist: Vii Arcano
Song Title: Of Suicidal Age
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Melted in the cage twisted and torn

In a suicidal age like stones we are born.

Approaching the winter of the century

Vision slaughtered by the filtering sunset

Descending in the halls of the blind

Terminus dawning near

Withering, passive links

Agonizing in the age of nonsense mental inferno

Death and sleep, winged sisters in equal genes, so fast and silent

Blacking air, turning the day, wheezes are closing in

Our structures condemned

To enjoy emptiness

Circle of repression leads to

Inorganic sights of a dead screen

Downfall in the resounding echo of ages - enter oblivion

Eroding you'll see the fall of dignity

Suicidal flowers from a ghost bride. Never so real

Death and sleep, winged sisters in equal genes, so fast and silent

Blacking air, turning the day, circuits are blowing with plea

Melted in the cage. Twisted and torn.

In a suicidal age like stones we are born

Burning is the seed; the fall is your only need

Eroding you'll see the fall of your dignity

Suicidal flowers from a ghost bride. Now you hear

...and see

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