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Artist: Viva Valdy
Song Title: Scruffy Dudes
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* Willie and waylon were wanting to spend time Golfing a ball, they'd been out Playing the halls

they Heard someone say , point grey was a Good place to tee, you get to Play by the sea.

it Once was the case back a couple of years that the Cut of the clothes,

it could determine Where a body goes.

well it Turns out they'd chosen a pro shop that goes in for Jackets and ties,

* Scruffy dudes can't play on our fairways. Scruffy dudes can't be seen on our greens."

well this Dude was rude, and his manner was chilly, so Waylon and willie they walked away.

* Willie and waylon they get off on playing a Couple of rounds, whenever they Come to a town.

Because the People you meet on the backstage and street, or else Out on the links

It can tell you just How a town thinks

A Lesson is taught in the impression they got from those Point grey pros, and any Visitor knows

That a Person won't dress to the height of finesse when out Taking a break,

So please don't go and Make that mistake, by going out calling "you

* Scruffy dudes can't play on our fairways. Scruffy dudes." hey it's a cardinal sin, to be

Less than gracious, when dealing with strangers, you Don't know what angels are hiding within

Willie and waylon they're not into complaining when Things go wrong, they simply

Up and move along. the Sun was still shining, they set out to find them a

Course they could play, one that wouldn't Turn them away.

what they Found was a winner, with drinks and a dinner and they Tipped in a texas way

eat your Heart out, point grey. it's Easy to prove here that even vancouver's got an

Attitude or two, yes i'm sure it could Happen to you, if someone s

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