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Artist: Vivian Green
Vivian Green Author
Album: Love Story (2002)
Vivian Green - Love Story Album
Song Title: Superwoman
Genre: Rock
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Why must I fit into your box
To make this relationship work
I am human not perfection
I can't be your superwoman

[Verse 1:]

Please tell me what you wanna do
Cause I can't waste anymore time
It seems nothings good enough for you
Tryin' please you drives me outta my mind
Who do you think I'm supposed to be
This flawless thing is how you picture me
But I can't measure up to that and I wont try
Cause I only can only be me baby


[Verse 2:]

You know I wanna be with you
But you ask for what I can't give
I won't compromise myself for you
For my own self I must live
All I can do is love you best I can
That don't include changing who I am
And I now that I love you good so don't you think
That you should try to hold onto me



There is only one me
Don't paint an image of what you want me to be
That's not what we need
I wont be trapped into what your eyes want to see


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