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Song Title: Achilles Revenge
Genre: Rock
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Album: Rising Out Of The Ashes (2002)

[based on Homer's Iliad]

As time marches back to infinity
I behold in my eyes
That this land of serenity
Once was a furnace of fire.
At swords, were the gods of the heavens
For the plight of the city of Troy
And for years, did the warriors do battle
For the fight of the Helen of Troy

He was the mighty Achilles
He sought the glory of war
In the heat of fighting and killing
He bought the blood of his enemies, with his sword
He stole their breath, giving them the grave as their reward

He was the mighty Achilles
He slaughtered legions at war
With the speed of lightning and zeal
He carved his name, forever into books of lore
An immortal legend - helmet, shield, and sword

Commend the dead who fought and bled upon the fields
And bury them with honors, swords and shields
Remember them they could not fend in the end
In the face of Achilles' anger, his revenge.

Hail to the one! To the king of the dead in Acheron
In his shadow we fade, we are lost in his name.
Hail to the one! To the king of the dead in Acheron
In his shadow we fade, we are lost in his name.
Hail to the one!

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