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Artist: Warrior Soul
Warrior Soul Author
Album: The Space Age Playboys (1994)
Warrior Soul - The Space Age Playboys Album
Song Title: No No No
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They said you couldn`t break away

The liars they can`t stop you

They say that you are just a pain

So what man you inspire

And then the world comes crashin` down

And you`re the toughest thing around

How many times they gonna count you out

And baby you don`t care

They said no-one loves you

So what

And you`re goin` somewhere

So let`s go

No no no - you`re not real

No no no - you`re a drag

No no no - no appeal

No no no - come on man

We want more everything

We want more everything

We want more everything

We want more everything

Come on and take a fiece of me

If ya got the guts to take it

I don`t get anything for free

Except the piss I`m drinkin`

And when they guddle up on you

And promise everything you`re screed

How many times they gonna rip you off

And man nobody cares

They said no-one loves you

So what

But you`re goin` somewhere

So let`s go

No no no - we can taste it

No no no - we get it all

No no no - you`re degraded

No no no - we`re havin` a ball

You live in the city

You live for fun

You look so pretty

But you`re no-one

We live like we`re goin` crazy

I`m a backstage sewer hole

Don`t care man, I`m not bitchin`

Just livin` like rock - n - roll

Let`s go out in the city and trash it

Like we`re gonna die

Maybe we`ll get arrested

The publicity is outta sight

No no no - you`re not real

No no no - you`re a drag

No no no - no appeal

No no no - come on man

No no no - no more religion

No no no - no more school

No no no - no more rejection

No no no - no more screw

No no no

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