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Artist: Warrior Soul
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Song Title: Shine Like It
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I live on in world war 3

Look at untourched faces smile

(Look inside the mind)

People like the walking dead

Lead us to the womb and cry

(The truest thought you find)

heavy girl you`re all alone

Now is now your father`s call

The bloodless slaughter lingers on

`Til reality hits your soul

Come on and shine like it

A thousand cabs just pulled away

The rain was hard and clear

(Feelings that you borrow)

Fingers of my outstretched hand

Dying on the frozen fear

(Won`t last tomorrow)

In so far the hottest star

Is the man with the machine gun

(The population`s sorrow)

Now the sign the violent time

And the decade has just begun

Come on and shine like it

Some say life is nothing new

The heart of man is gone

(Believe in something now)

But evening came, now I`m awake

And the new age begins at dawn

Come on and shine like it

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