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Artist: Watain
Watain Author
Song Title: The Limb Crucifix
Genre: Rock
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Show me the face of uttermost madness

Reveal the mystery of time reversed

For in chaos lies mights forgotten

From which we all have emerged

Crawling from wombs - a vast reflection

A rupturing from deformed flesh

Yet a false revelation, a pointless effort

For the truth of al life is Death.

For your bodies form a giant shape

That cast shadows across all lands

Filled with the greatest of emptyness

Falling as it stands

A crucifix of flesh and bones

Lifeless, yet trembling in fear

For as sulphurflames are it's consious

And the smothering is near

Emptyness spawn, pale stillborn breed

Blinded at birth and forever to be

His tusks pierced through eyelids and tounge

Not even Death can set you free

..sense the smell of burning flesh

A titanic symbol of death's overture

Impaled on behorned pain

The limb crucifix, built on remains

Of the cursed breed of Cain

It cries and it suffers, burning within

Reaching towards the sky

Anguish shaped by bloodstained flesh

A shadow of Satan, longing to die

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