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Artist: White Rose
Song Title: Misswhiterose
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My name is MissWhiteRose
I'll shoot you down,
be quick before I release the hounds
I gotta sharp tounge
just like my blade
and just like mercy
your blood will fade
you think i'm scared but I got no fear
my flow is hot, my brain is seared
my rolemodels Em
he keeps me in check
and when I bust hoes hit the deck
just listen to my Mack Tack Tech
I'm not the one soundin like a wreck
but keep on tryin' and keep on dyin'
you might just make a sing,
on a hometown line!
(background holla) "I doubt it, haha"
(Hook)-You think that I, as in me, as in Queen Bee
am scared of a teared mother fuckin he-she
well your wrong, this my song
and ya'll waited to long
(repeat *2)
(music 10 sec.)
Now you all heard from me,
the white rappin' she
so i'm gonna leave you with my taste in your mouth
but before I go I gotta give a couple shout outs
First to Karla, the Puerto Rican gyrl
she's so precious, just like a pearl
second to andre', he started me off
even though his love, startedto cough (background holla) "but we tight homey"
next it's Bibbs, yeah he made me mad
but if he didn't, I never would have wanted this dream so bad
4th to Em, he is also white
but his raps are best, am I right?
Now to Miss Hilton, Paris, she's great
she's so beautiful, someone I never could hate (background holla) "damn so sexxxy"
Now last but not least, it's Gloria Valez
she's in the videos, done rapped like a breeze
Now thats some of my people, yeah there are more
but those are the ones, that have reched my core
(music) 15 sec.
Hook *3
Music 10 sec

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