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Artist: Whitesnake
Whitesnake Author
Album: Starkers in Tokyo (1998)
Whitesnake - Starkers in Tokyo Album
Song Title: Cant Go On
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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I've been feeling sentimental,
In a melancholy way,
Blues siting on my shoulder,
Getting heavier every day...

Staring into space,
One thing on my mind,
I've been trying to drown
The thought of you
By drinking too much wine...

Then my imagination
Starts running wild,
I snap my fingers
And you're there by my side...

Can't go on without your love,
There's no song without your love...
Ain't no reason, ain't no rhyme,
Without your love
I'll go out of my mind...

Been getting too lazy,
Letting myself go,
Feeling like a refugee
No one cares for anymore...
Endless lonely days,
I just try to get through,
And there's no escape,
Even when I sleep,
'Cause all I dream is you...

Then my imagination
Gets the better of me,
'Cause you're everywhere I go,
In everything I see...

I can't go on without you love,
There's no song without your love...
There ain't no reason, there ain't no rhyme,
Without your love
I'll go out of my mind...

You make me dance,
You make me sing,
When I'm with you
I can do anything...
When I'm cold,
You keep me warm.
And give me shelter
From the howling storm...

There ain't no reason, there ain't no rhyme,
Without your love
I'll go out of my mind...

Can't go on without your love,
There's no song without your love...

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