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Artist: Whitesnake
Whitesnake Author
Album: Come and Get It (1981)
Whitesnake - Come and Get It Album
Song Title: Child Of Babylon
Genre: Rock
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When I heard the sound
of thunder
On the day that I was
I was blinded by the
An' baptised in the
My father started crying
When he saw what he
had done,
But, my mother started
Have mercy on my son,
He is a child of
I am a child of Babylon,
Lord have mercy on a
wayward son.
Nowhere to hide,
nowhere to run.
I am a child,
A child of Babylon.
When I've fooled
around so many times
When I've known it ain't
been right,
But, I paint it all in
When it really should be
black and white.
I sail my ship through
muddy waters,
Try to open every door,
When I saw the seven
It left me wanting more.
I am a child of Babylon,
Lord have mercy on a
wayward son.
Nowhere to hide, got
no place to run.
I am a child,
A child of Babylon.
On my day of
I know how it will be,
I'm prepared to meet
my maker
With no hope for
I'll stand alone and pay
the price
For everything I've
'Cos there ain't guardian
For a child of Babylon.
I am a child,
A child of Babylon.
I am a child of Babylon,
Lord have mercy on a
wayward son.
Nowhere to hide, got
no place to run.
I am a child,
A child of Babylon.
Child of Babylon

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