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Artist: X Japan
X Japan Author
Album: Singles (1995)
X Japan - Singles Album
Song Title: Endless Rain
Genre: Rock
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I'm walking in the rain
yuku ate mo naku kizu tsuita karada nurashi
karamitsuku koori no zawameki
koroshi tsuzukete samayou itsumademo
Until I can forget your love
nemuri wa mayaku
tohou ni kureta kokoro o shizuka ni tokasu
mai agaru ai o odorasete
furueru karada o kioku no bara ni tsutsumu
I keep my love for you to myself
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness
Days of joy, days of sadness slowly pass me by
As I try to hold you, you are vanishing before me
You're just an illusion
When I'm awaken, my tears have dried in the sand of sleep
I'm a rose blooming in the desert
It's a dream, I'm in love with you
madoromi dakishimete
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness
I awake from my dream
I can't find my way without you
The dream is over
koe ni naranai kotoba o kurikaeshite mo
taka sugiru haiiro no kabe wa
sugisatta hi no omoi o yume ni utsusu
Until I can forget your love
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness
Endless rain, let me stay
Evermore in your heart
Let my heart take in your tears
Take in your memories
Endless rain, fall on my heart kokoro no kizu ni
Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness
Endless rain...

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