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Artist: X Symphony
X Symphony Author
Song Title: Accolade II
Genre: Rock
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On a cold and misty night,

a ring of torches light the hallowed ground

where his father's laid to rest

In the reflection of a sword

he sees his destiny and he swears up to the sky:

"You will not have died in vain!"

On the field - with sword and shield

amidst the din of dying man's wails

War is waged - and the battle will rage

until only the righteous prevail

From the shadows comes a man,

returning to his land - Winds of change

taint the sweet smell of home

And all around him, he can see

the pain and misery

this tyrant's reign is through

"I will stand and fight... Will you?"

A heart of gold pumps within his metal skin

A noble line he carries on

On the field - with sword and shield

amidst the din of dying man's wails

War is waged - and the battle will rage

until only the righteous prevail

I wish to stay, to be here with you

You were my strength, how can I go on?

On the field - with sword and shield

amidst the din of dying man's wails

War is waged - and the battle will rage

until only the righteous - only the righteous - only the righteous prevail!

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