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Artist: Xavier Rudd
Xavier Rudd Author
Album: Solace (0)
Xavier Rudd - Solace Album
Song Title: Journey Song
Genre: Rock
Visits: 1155
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The stone it sinks

The day is near

And i watch your feet i feel your breathe

I'm in your dreams

Seems such a long long time But i will return

You are the only spark i use

In these things I do

This is the thing I do

All these people

And all these times

And all this road I see for real

In four twenty time

There will be fourteen days

When sadness climbs

And there will be times when i feel chilled

With you on my mind

This is the thing I do

You miss me now

Well I miss you too

You see well chances are given

Only once

Now there's clouds in my heart

Clouds in my mind

You see well chances are given

Only once

Not for free

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