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Artist: Xentrix
Xentrix Author
Song Title: Release
Genre: Rock
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Growing apart you couldn't see
Your not the man I want to be
Stale mate time it was over
All the while destroying each other
One thing I'd like you to know
I want my own life so let me go
All the years obeying the rules
Your game of life is played by fools
Just let me go, just let me fo
I can't feel nothing for you
But what is left for me to do
No cause for concern, we live & we learn
I'll just say goodbye
Search deep I have to find
The truth that lurks within my mind
Your words you used to drown me
Are washed away I'm free to be
Just let me go, just let me go
I can't feel nothing for you
But what is left for me to do
No cause for concern, we live & we learn
I'll just say goodbye
Now we're apart can you see
I'm now the man I want to be
A second chance not that its over
We don't need to hate each other
I can't feel nothing for you
But what is left for me to do
No cause for concern, we live & we learn
I'll just say goodvye (RPT x 2

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