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Artist: Xiren
Song Title: Black Box
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Who will ever know?

I love you so. Who will ever know, where did you go when brightness falls? Time is on my mind, giving me plans to align. Who will ever know, going to home to my soul, I remember it all. Life is on my side. Feeding my pride my mind into my head you are there.

Try to imagine another way
To imagine a better place
To imagine no pain

You fancy yourself controlling it all.

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    it used to be the world that
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    everything you take
    I watch the sun and the sun makes time, passing through. Why won't my feet just find their way, home to you. A traveler's blues fill a traveler's shoes when I've turned the wrong way - I've turned the wrong way. And if I would chose you forever, would I forever stay?..."
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    I've gotta, gotta love, give me my fill before I will let you down. If you let me live, you've gotta get in my ground.


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