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Artist: X-Perience
X-Perience Author
Album: Take Me Home (1997)
X-Perience - Take Me Home Album
Song Title: Secrets
Genre: Disco
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Wake me up, im dreaming
i want you to know
its dangerous
to know everything
about my dreams
i want you to know
i want you to know
its dangerous

Hold me when im falling
im falling in love with a princess
the kind of the dreams
tries to catch me
im running away
i try to escape
into the next day

i tell all the secrets
i try to keep
when im dreaming
when i talk in my sleeps

The kind of dreams and nightmares
will hold me in his arms tonight
but hes just a fool
he cant catch my soul
he cant kill my soul

Wake me up, im dreaming
i try to escape, its dangerous
to be in my world
of dreams and nightmares
im running away
i try to escape
into the next day

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