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Artist: X-Perience
X-Perience Author
Album: Magic Fields (1996)
X-Perience - Magic Fields Album
Song Title: The Night Moved On
Genre: Disco
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i went to a bar
to have a rest again
i saw him then
a smiling old man
came rushing in
he sat down close to me
and soon i could see
he's older than it seemes to me
and the night moved on and i got no sleep

his furrowed face
told a story of life
his restless eyes
kept his face alive
his face alive
his tanned skin did not tell of his age
i could see
he's older than it seemed to me

he left the bar
then he spoke to me
and i was captured
'cause now i could see
his way of life
he said little girl you'd better
do what you want
your life is too short to waste time

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