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Artist: X-raided
X-raided Author
Song Title: Consider Me Dead
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f/ Kingpen


I had a heart full of pride and had to set it aside

As I was nailed to the crucifix and stabbed in my side

Impaled, toothpicks jabbed in my eyes

Niggas cry but the truth is they're glad that I died

Inhale, conversatin' with Satan himself

Starin' in the mirror lately got him hatin' hisself

Inhale, green smoke like it's oxygen

Rise up out the grave, gotta get my props again

I pray for the day that I could say I got revenge

Got a vendetta cuz I been hated by lots of men

My rage, just way too strong to contain

I'm sinkin', but I'm way too strong to complain

I'm cheatin' the reaper every time he come for me

When I die, will you nigga cry, ride, and die for me?

I'm creepin', prepared to take a breath without thinkin'

Of consequences, of starin' in the face of death without blinkin'

The Unforgiven X-Raided, take my name in vain!

Nefarious nigga, feel the need to explain the game

To various niggas that got it twisted up like cornrows

I'm sick of this bitch shit, I'm comin' for you mark hoes

Chorus (X-Raided + Kingpen):

(X-Raided) Niggas I used to fuck with

(Kingpen) Consider Me Dead

(X-Raided) Yeah all you niggas can suck dick

(Kingpen) Consider Me Dead

(X-Raided) All them hoes I used to mack to...

(Kingpen) Consider Me Dead

(X-Raided) BITCH get a rose over the tattoo and...

(Kingpen) Consider Me Dead



Nigga I can't stop now, came too far to turn back

Flames burnin' in my brain, my heart done turned black

I opened my mouth to speak and I don't recognize my own voice

And when I close my eyes to sleep, dream of wildin' with my homeboys

And wake up, the image lingers

When he throw up the set it make me wanna break up the niggaz fingers

Blow up the set twice a day, fake nigga I respect not

Load up the Tec and spray your life in one day nigga

I detect cops and you look like a bitch

You shook like a nigga that done did somethin' wrong

False form ass nigga

Get on and blast nigga

Did harm to the last nigga speakin' on my name

And I got these East Coast muthafuckas sleepin' on my game

I sleep even though my brain got me ready to seek and destroy

What?You speakin' on my joy?You speakin' on my pain

And it's been seekin' out my brain

Through this pen to this paper to this track

To the DAT and in your ears, nigga for years




When I die don't come visit me at my grave

I'll come up out the casket

Like "Night of the Living Dead" to get that ass bitch

Ride 'til a nigga dead like Killa Tay on Crip

We got to admit you deserve respect but on Crip

You niggas gay Cuz we bloods like Dracula

We'll turn a nigga round me

You weak thugs will have hurtful necks around me

We jump niggas like strangulations

And got a gang of patience when it comes to killin' lames

Layin', waitin' all night for an opportunity to spill your brains

Either you or me, gotta be one, holla at 'em

And I'm comrades with clouds so get decapitated or bombed in crowds

And never capture Raided I mob around

Turn your skin black and blue and orange by the time it's found

Tied and bound and tarred down

Two-faced, many faces better kept

Before we chop you up in suitcases

And disappear without any traces

And we all got game!

Paid with flames, all got game!

Knock y'all brain, Mad Man we all got fangs, bitch!


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