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Artist: X-raided
X-raided Author
Song Title: Fuccyoutoo
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X-Raided, say it three times

In the dark and the gun he carries up

Spray it three times to the heart like Bloody Mary

But not the alcoholic beverage nigga

I'm the type to get after the tightest dog for leverage nigga

I'm competitive nigga

I slay more people than you

And I'm a predator nigga

Way more evil than you

Spray a Desert Eagle at you

Let your flesh roast in fire

And that's [?] I'm Jesus West Coast Mesiah, what's ya'll

And recognize this

It's my life that'll make the nicest rapper

You know, bow down and kiss my Nikes

I wish ya'll, would be real

Instead of prime time actin'

Speakin' behind my back like chiropractors

I got the nitro factor

Send my ho at you

She got the gat, and that's for real

I'm a hydro bastard, like caine

Foo you ain't able to play my game

That's why you get live ones to the gun

Every time you day my name


I wish ya'll had the balls to just tell me the truth

You thinkin' fucc X-Raided

But I'm screamin' fuccyoutoo

Wish ya'll quit playin' the role like it's all cool

You thinkin' fucc X-Raided

But I'm screamin' fucc ya'll too

I wish ya'll had the balls to just tell me the truth

You thinkin' fucc Madman

But we screamin' fucc ya'll too

I wish ya'll quit playin' the role like it's all cool

You thinkin' fucc Madman

But I'm screamin' fucc ya'll too


I wish ya'll niggas'll understand

We'll whack your kinfolks

If we go broke we got plans cuz we Jack-ramento

Rep your city, nigga Sac-A-Indo

Where niggas pity square ballaz

Cuz the killaz is quick to mack your mental

[?] fits at the town

Bitch we'll jack your rental

Wish ya'll niggas would recognize this, Sacramento

Step aside nigga don't you feel the Earth vibratin'

Rise up out the grave

All my niggas heard Brian Haydan

Resurrected, I'm the real nigga reanimated

And life is hectic

Strong enough to make a man be a hater

I suspected ya'll niggas was schemin'

To step to me mean

Cuz every time I see you I hear the Jeopardy theme

Then I got more answers for yo ass

Than Iverson and Alex Trebeck combined

Splatter you spine when I blast

Shatter your neck wit a nine

Add up the sets

24 plus 6-8 plus deuce-9

Equals 121 niggas willin' to grab you until you die



Mutha fucca!

[Various people]


Yeah nigga

This Big Fook Loc nigga from Madman Records nigga

Livin' in X's shoes nigga

So we give all these shout outs nigga

Naw fucc shout outs, we givin' out fucc you's nigga

Fucc you mutha fuccas nigga, you know what I mean

Your folks here T-Nutty Nut and the Garden up in this bitch

All these mutha fuccas don't wanna play our shit on the radio

Fucc You! nigga

All these mutha fuccas don't wanna put our shit in the stores nigga

Fucc You Too! nigga

Nigga attorney generals nigga

Why you bitches is mad at us nigga fucc you [fuccyoutoo]

Parole officers, probation officers, nigga

Baby mama's too nigga fucc ya'll [fuccyoutoo]

Everything nigga you know

This Madman nigga for life nigga

Respect No Love said that nigga


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