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Artist: X-raided
X-raided Author
Album: X-Files Vol. 2 - Unforgiven Wit A Vengeance (CD 1) (2004)
X-raided - X-Files Vol. 2 - Unforgiven Wit A Vengeance (CD 1) Album
Song Title: Spitten Venom
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[First Verse]

If it's on I'll kill my own like a Civil War

This EBK, what the fuck should I be civil for?

It's over, pour into my bullet tips

Split you open like a pinata cuz you full of shit

Manana nigga I'ma do you non-believers bad

With heavy artillery like Sigourney Weaver had

Cuz you an alien or foreigner up in the town

Either you or I, do or die about to shut you down

Bout to hunt you down like elk in the woods

In the hood nothin' else expected

Accept it, it's what I protected

No excuse, nothin' else respected

Known to shoot whenever we tested

Shit is about to get hectic, Chaos!

You gone need the sounds to bring you back from where you rested

May God Bless it

I'm agnostic so keep that!

Pure toxic up in your eyes, nigga peep that

We know where you sleep at

As we speak my peeps is mashin'

And we know that you weak ass bunglin' bitches is who we snatchin'

She catchin' hollow rounds

Shots to the head make a hollow sound

Got away with murder, PARANOID!I push this bottle down

One sip put the bottle down

And blaze a blunt this one's for you

Now you rest in peace, no hard feelings bitch I swear it's true

If it's necessary Black Market do what's called for

And best believe when it's time for war we all go

And we all know nothin' comes before this chessboard

Two knights and kings fightin' screens, yes Lord


I'm spittin' venom like a moccassin

Grab a glock, CHAMBER, droppin' men

DANGER, in my RANGER, and I got to win

DELUSION, no ain't no killin' X-Raided cuz I refuse to

[Second Verse]

Bet all them fools'll know, funk if they want it they got it

All my proponents is riders committin' murders sporadic

We quick to get up inside ya blow out your thigh boy

Psychotic shootin' while yellin' "You got to die Boy!"

Never should've crossed me, flossy glossy like fresh made varnish

With a reputation too solid to be penetrated and tarnished

Harness rage, it's strong, let it loose and you flagrant

Produce a strap from my draws, introducin' slugs to the vagrants

Statements was made so foul, niggas is funny style

Tell a hundred niggas you hate me but when you see me you smile

But all the while, you thinkin' muthafuck X-Raided

But in your heart, you never really felt you could fade it

Debate it, what I represent nigga, this G.B.C.

Northern Cali freeway from the Sac-Town back down to the M.S.G.'s

So hit the freeway, no lee-way cuz this ain't your zip code

You keep your lip closed

Or you get those lips swole

We got your shit exposed, stay the fuck away from us

We'll light you up and disappear like we vaporous

My cavaliers, wearin' battle gear, run up in your fort

Put bullet holes in your shorts

Left you dead on your porch

Then we torched your spot, my cohorts got counts calculated

Shout out you hate it

That's what you get for doubtin' X-Raided

Deport your corpse in where the cops'll never bother to look

Rigormortis decompose you, served ya, bored, and now it's over

[Chorus] (2x)

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