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Artist: Xscape
Xscape Author
Album: Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha (1993)
Xscape - Hummin
Song Title: Pumpin
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You gotta keep it pumpin'. (x4)

Verse One (Tamika):
I went out looking for a good place,
But everywhere I went was dull.
I went here, and I went there,
But I never found the stuff.
But then I met this boy that said
He had the perfect place,
That I would just love, yeah.
He took me in,
Ooh, let me tell you girlfriend,
The place was jumping,
And it was sho 'nuff pumpin'.

Repeat Chorus

Verse Two (Kandi):
I found my spot,
Nothing about the place seemed dull.
And the stuff I was looking for,
I found the stuff.
The sound was hot, like I never heard before,
The bass was booming,
There were people all over the dance floor.
Then I met another guy,
And he asked me would I like to dance,
He showed me steps I never seen before.
I walked in,
Ooh, let me tell you girlfriend,
The place was jumping,
And it was sho 'nuff pumpin'.

Repeat Chorus

That's the way I like it,
I like it when it's pumpin'.
(repeat x4)

Outro by JD:
If you got a groove that you like and you like it a lot,
Pump it up, pump it up.
You know the place with the bass,
In the neighbourhood hot spot,
Pump it up, pump it up.
To the girl in the blue,
Tell me what 'cha gonna do,
Pump it up, pump it up.
And to the negro in red tell me what I said,
Pump it up, pump it up.

Repeat Chorus to fade

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