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Artist: Xscape
Xscape Author
Album: Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha (1993)
Xscape - Hummin
Song Title: Tonight
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oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
Come a little bit closer
And look into my eyes
If only for a moment
Boy don't be surprised
I want you right here next to me
So tell me can we spend some time
So I can hold you softly in these gentle arms of mine
(And the moonlights gazing oh)
Shining on my window pane
Beaming down on the midnight hour
I hear I sound of rain
Tonight, Tonight
Oh oH oH Oh Oh Oh OH
Tonight, tonight
Oh Oh Oh Oh OH oH oH
So why don't you stay a while
I get up and then you put me in a daze boy
But you look so good to me me
In your stain pjs
So lets make love by candlelight
And listen to the quiet storm
As I kiss you in the places that make your body warm
(Hold me baby)
Oh Oh Oh OH OH oH oH
I wanna make love
(Hold me baby and love me baby)
OH oh OH oh OH oH oh oh
I'm holdin you
I'm holdin you, I'm holdin you
I'm holdin you
I'm holdin you, I'm holdin you
Holding you tight
(Tameka's holdin you tight)
All through the night
(All thourgh the night)
Holdin you tight
All through the night
Looks like its gonna rain
(looks like it's gonna rain baby)
Looks like its gonna rain
(I keep you warm)
Looks like it's gonna rain
(Come on in out of the rain come on come on)
Looks like it's gonna rain
Holdin you tight
(You see i'm holdin you caressing you)
All through the night
(And i'll make you say yeah)
Holdin you tight
All through the night
Yeah ah ah ah ah ah ah
I'm holdin you oh ooooo

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