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Artist: Xzibit
Xzibit Author
Album: Weapons Of Mass Destruction (2004)
Xzibit - Weapons Of Mass Destruction Album
Song Title: Saturday Night Live
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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(feat. Jelly Roll)


Ahhh! We bout to go this motherfuckin club tonight, y'knahmean?

Poke some motherfuckin hoes, y'knahmean?

Make sure them hoes, y'knahmean? Gon' act accordingly, y'knahmean?

Some nigga over there tryin to love one hoe

Y'knahmean? You got one hoe!

Nigga youse a stone motherfuckin Jackson

Nigga youse a stony Jackson, you can't fuck with us

So nigga, tuck your tail and hide your hoe nigga

[Jelly Roll]

We parked our rides, in front of club

All these niggaz started givin us love

Sayin I'm the shit, Xzibit you the shit

Jelly Roll get 'em, can I be for real?

It's Strong Arm and Jelly Roll, cool for real

Yeah motherfucker, why don't you just chill

Cause I'm just coolin at the spot

Ain't much wrong plus you're makin it hot

I like shinin from all the grindin

Girl's best friend, man I'm just like diamonds

I like khakis and Air Force Ones

Gangsters in the hood with them air force guns

We poppin them tags, our pockets fat

We fin' to put the world in a shopping bag

Nigga X the man, and I'm the man

We tryin to make you love it, don't you understand?


If you're with Strong Arm, you're really down with us

If you get high, then get a blunt and roll it up

Your hood's gon' ride, then let me see you throw it up

If you ready I'm ready see really we don't give a fuck

Get'cha ass up if you're really down with us

Girl you ain't cute, get on the floor and move your butt

The bar is open everybody's gettin drunk

If you're ready I'm ready see really we don't give a fuck


Another night in L.A., the homies all valet

We got it lookin the dub show in front of the place

Strong Arm + 75, we so deep we arrive

and then we swarm like you fucked with the hive

Gotta look a nigga right in the eyes, to tell the truth and the lies

Even the strong find it hard to survive

Another day another dollar we can walk on water

Better, drop your tone, you ain't nobody's father

Hotter than about a buck shot your carne asada

X burn down the town like a path of lava

Pathological drama so we got it inside

Is it the wine or the women it's so hard to decide

Look alive it's crackin; this is organized street hustlin

with corporate backin promotin interstate traffic (traffic)

Classic, smash out right

Cause live from Los Angeles it's Saturday Night


Cause I, can get yo' ass on the floor

Cause this, is this the funk that you want?

The hand, it comes way up in the air

And wave 'em all around like you just don't caaaaaaaaare

Bitch, come off of those pots

Stop, shake that junk in your trunk

See you, can move this groovyville shit

The shake that makes the whollllle club flip



You might get shot in the face if you don't stay in your place

You ain't a soldier like me you a fuckin disgrace

X move like a shark in the water, I'm dodgin death and disorder

I'll get you hit it won't cost me a quarter

I was sent here to strangle and slaughter in no particular order

Your big mouth might endanger your daughter

Another day another digit I'ma speak it and live it

Better get yourself a gun 'fore you fuck with Xzibit

Pockets shorter than a midget, you can fuckin forget it

X green light the target and easily hit it

Grab the zone and split it so we smokin them woods

Steady givin niggaz the business and keepin it hood

Firearms we packin, this is military mindstate

that's ready for action we mercenaries and assassins (blastin)

Clashin, smash out right

Cause live from Los Angeles it's Saturday Night

[Jelly Roll]

Let's hit the club and get it on tonight

Let's get drunk this is Saturday Night

Just got paid, shine my chrome up tight

Time to get it crackin, off the Henn' tonight

X is here, the gang is here

Jelly Roll production bangin crystal clear

I've been low, now check my highs

Million dollar niggaz right before yo' eyes


In Los Angeles, homey (it's Saturday Night)

In Houston, dogg (it's Saturday Night)

In Miami, mate (it's Saturday Night)

In Atlanta, shorty (it's Saturday Night)

In St. Louis, dirty (it's Saturday Night)

In New Orleans wodie, yo (it's Saturday Night)

In New York City, yo (it's Saturday Night)

Around the world baby, yo (it's Saturday Night)


On some straight motherfuckin pimpin shit, y'knahmean?

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