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Song Title: Blue Jeans
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Ladies and gentlemen mjm presents Yasmeen whooo!
Jazy faze

oh ooooooooo

[Verse 1]
I've been checkin u
And I like the way u walk
Your sexy b-boy style
The confidence u brought
So let me take a minute
To introduce myself
Cuz u don't need to kno
Anybody else


Here's a number u can call
Anytime you wanna talk
That's exactly where I'll be
When you wanna get at me
And if you wonder what u do (what you do)
That's got me into you
It's your blue jeans
The way you rokin dem blue jeans baby

[Verse 2]

No one else makes me feel
The way you do inside
Temptation is so real
Hits me day all night
So keep this nice and safe
Some where near your heart
Wouldn't wanna loose this
Love right before it starts

You got everything that i want that i want
You got everything that i need that i need yeah

[Chorus 2x]


Days went by it was plain to see
That I finally figured out why u started diggin' me
It was the jeans not the rings outfits see
Round the same time when ray drop cream
I still have locks but every little stone
Is messin with you have me not comin' home
And word on the street is that you got me whipped
It got back and had a brotha on flip
How they kno I had broght that whip
It's all good that's just one of my dips
Cuz I love it when my stomach touch your body baby
My tounge game is mad crazy enough about me
Don't star suga I drove the ark
No one taught me how to parralell park
I'mma hit you out the light in my darks
In like 15 to 20 min. you heard baby that's from the heart


Here's a number you can call (you can call)
Anytime you wanna talk (wanna talk)
That's exactly where I'll be (where I'll be)
If you wanna get at me (get at me)
If you wonder what you do that's got me into you
It's your blue jeans they way you rokin dem blue jeans baby

(oooooooo) you can call
Wanna talk , where I'll be
Get at me ohhh
What you do (oooooo)
It's yor blue jeans
The way your rokin your blue jeans baby

[Repeat chorus 1x]

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