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Artist: Yazoo
Yazoo Author
Album: Upstairs At Eric's (1986)
Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric
Song Title: I Before E Except After C
Genre: Pop
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There would stop because
there will always be, because
there will always be, for two
there will always

inside you can feel th-
outside you can see the difference
inside, stop, inside, difference
outside, out stop, inside you can feel the difference
feel the
you can difference, difference, difference
you can see the, feel the difference
you can stop, stop, and see the, you can stop, you can see the difference

Dragons, the policman knew,
were supposed to breathe, to breath fire, fire, to breathe fire
and occasionally get themseleves, get themseleves
slaughtered, slaughtered, slaughtered
he decided.

That would definately not be decided
stop, stop
definately not
stop, stop
That would that would that would
definately decided
decided decided decided
not not
he decided


OK - thats the first one. someone do the old lady now...

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