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Artist: Yellow
Song Title: Daily Disco
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Your dancing drives me crazy
I wanna see it all night long
DJ could be playing
Always this one song.

Your dancing drives me crazy
Your dancing drives me mad
Pleas Sue don't be so lazy
If you don't dance I am sad

I wanna see you moving and dancing all the night

The way Sue is moving is nothing but divine
And only in the disco I know she can be mine

And when the night is over, the club is closing down
I wanna give her anything I got, I give her just a crown
I wanna see you moving and dancing all the night

I'm not here for the music or for your eyes so blue
I got to see you dancing to be in love with you

I wanna get my daily disco, watch you all the night
I wanna get my daily disco, did you get that Sue all right

I wanna see you moving and dancing all the night

Hey you
I wanna see your dance cause you're the only one
And when you dance I know you're mine
I wanna see your dance I want it all night long
Oh Sue you're so divine.

Hey you
Another night is gone
Another day is back
I am walking home and feel all right
Sun in my eyes
One thing in my mind
I hope to see you Sue tonight

My name is Clinch Dedee
You're the only one I wanna see
You're the only one I want to dance
I know I am just one of your fans
One of your fans

I wanna see you moving dancing all the night
Don't come any closer that's damaging my sight

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