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Artist: Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen Author
Album: Attack!! (0)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Attack!! Album
Song Title: In The Name Of God
Genre: Metal
Visits: 390
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In the name of god
We didn't know for sure
That evil is right outside our door
And now all the bad and ugly
Showing their faces more
So now we have got to work it out
And think with precision
Make sure we make the right decision
In the name of god
In the name of god
In the name of god

Together we're standing tall
Together we will never fall
Together we're living free
And the truth is all for all to see
But since we've all been blinded
Blinded by evil
Now is the time to stand and fight
In the name of god
In the name of god
In the name of god

In the name of god
In the name of god
In the name of god
In the name of god

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