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Artist: Yoko Kanno
Yoko Kanno Author
Album: Ask DNA Cowboy Bebop - Knockin' on heaven's door (2001)
Yoko Kanno - Ask DNA Cowboy Bebop - Knockin
Song Title: Is It Real
Genre: Soundtrack
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Figurines that fall like leaves,
Then disappear,
Keep calling.
Is it real? Is it real?

Dark machines that wheeze and breathe,
And mark the air,
"What is real? What is real?"

This world can really be too much,
I can't take another day.
I guess that I've just had enough
My mind's slipping far away.
I'm falling in and out of touch,
Can someone please explain?

Set my mind for open sky
But couldn't fly,
And so sadly,
What am I? what am I?

Sullen eyes shed tear-drop lies,
then criticise,
Now loving.
"What is real? What is real?"

It's really all become too much,
I'm not sure what I should feel.
I guess I've finally had enough,
I don't know if this is real.
I'm crashing in and out of touch,
Can anyone explain?

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