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Artist: Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono Author
Album: Season of Glass (1997)
Yoko Ono - Season of Glass Album
Song Title: Silver Horse
Genre: Rock
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When I come in my dream to a house Ive never seen before,

I have a tendency to look for the exit door.

cause I never know it may be that house again,

I never know, I never know.

When I come in my mind to a stream thats running gently,

I have a tendency to run like a frightened deer.

cause I never know it may take me to that ocean again,

I never know, I never know.

I usually stay away from being carried away,

But one day I saw a silver horse.

I though he might take me to that somewhere high,

I thought he might take me to that deep blue sky.

I came to realize that the horse had no wings.

"no wings, well, it wasnt so bad, you know."

I learnt to travel the world around

And run on the ground in the morning.

And thats the story of a wandering soul,

A story of a dreamer.

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