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Artist: Yolanda Adams
Song Title: More Than Just a Melody
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Verse One:

In the still of a moment; my voice can be heard

So listen carefully, there music inside each word

I am the Composer of the melody of life

Take upon my yoke learn of me, I'll be your guiding light

I am the Director, Be part of My symphony

I speak peace unto the storms; even the winds obey Me

Let me be your song, you'll never have to walk alone

I will help carry on(carry on)

Verse 2:

I am the music within the inner ear

Hearken unto my voice, I'll declare I'll draw near

I am the rythym to every beat of your heart

If you place your trust in me I'll never ever part

Let Me be your song you'll; never have to walk alone

I will help you carrrryy on(onnn)


When the notes are formed(They make)

They make a special sound(the music inside the music)

The music inside the music;that lifts me when i'm down(i'm more than)

More than the beat of time(so much more)more than the lyric more than

More than just a melody(More than just a ryhme)

More than just a rhyme; more than just a melody;come unto me




More than just a melody(i'm your closet friend i'll be there to the end)

More than just a rhyme(Shelter in the time of the storm;you'll never

have to be alone,now)

More than just a melody(trouble won't last always when you realize

that iam)

More than just a rhyme(you won't to live each day alone because I am


More than just a melody(more than just a song to sing more than the

beat moree,morree)

More than just a melody(More than anything you've experienced i'm

more yeh)

More than just a melody(Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

More than just a melody(Yes,Yes i'm more)

More than just a melody

More than just a melody

More than just a melody

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