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Artist: Yorn Pete
Song Title: Knew Enough To Know Nothing At All
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You took a baby off her hands
She stole the records from your van
You opened up to her
And made her understand
But you're still locked in that same young love
Still locked in that same young love
You knew enough to know nothing at all

They took the news and distorted it
She was the one who was loving it
She always wanted more than you could give today
So you really can't complain once more
You know that she is spoken for
As dreams of life without her fade away

He was a loner for sixteen years
Embracing all his defended fears
He could have lost her name
Instead he called today
And he's still feeling that same old way
She's proven what he used to say
He knew enough to know nothing at all

He's still locked in that same young love
A ghost of what he's thinking of
He knew enough
And never should have called

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