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Artist: You
Song Title: Good Intentions
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You've Got A Day In The Spotlight.

Your Luck Could Get You That Far.

Bigger Stakes Mean Big Mistakes,

You Knew That From The Start.

A Fork In The Road Is Coming,

And You're Still Driving The Car.

You Can Do What You Want,

I Just Hope Your Intentions Are Good.

You'll Never Know You're The Bad Guy,

At Least Not ?til It's Too Late.

Even If You Knew, What Could You Do?

Much Less Than You Could Say.

The Walls Are Closing Around You,

But You're Still Calling The Shots.

You Can Do What You Want,

I Just Hope Your Intentions Are Good.

Dream A Dream For Me, A Dream For You.

Every Heart Is In Its Place.

Everyone In Search Of Grace.

I Thought I Was Standing For Something,

But The Easiest Thing Is To Fall.

I Went Down, I Don't Know How,

And I Just Made It Out.

It Seems You've Got The Same Problem,

And If We've Got It All Wrong

I Will See You In Hell,

Even Though Our Intentions Were Good.

I Just Hope My Intentions Are Good Enough To Save My Soul.

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