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Artist: Young Buck
Song Title: Black Gloves
Genre: Hip-Hop
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[Young Buck:]

Walk Through A Nigga Block, 2 Glocks, 2 Tecks, 2 2-3's

Give A Nigga What He Really Want, When Bitch Niggas Don't Want Beef

Bitch Niggas Don't Know Me, Wait Till A Nigga Get In Range

Hate When A Nigga Wanna Run His Mouth, And Live His Life In Pain

We Ain't Even Used To This, Talk And Where The Gun Shots At?

Loose Lips Sank Ships, Ya'll Niggas Didn't Even Pop Back

Oh Lord, I Swore, If Any Muthafucka Holla My Name

Im Raw, Spelled Backwards, That's What I'm Gon' Bring

Banks, What A Nigga Think?, We Ain't Got Guns

No Troops, Everything Bulletproof, Sniper's Layin' Down On The Roof

Stash Box In The Coupe Nigga, I'm Tellin' You The Truth Nigga

Raise Them Lil Bitty Boys, All They Do Is Come Shoot Niggas

Black Gloves, Black Mask

Black Shirt, Black Pants

Blue Steel, Blue Vest

He Dead, You Next

Put A Couple Holes In A Hoe

Let A Nigga Know He 'Bout To Go

Put The Pump Right To His Throat

Bet He Won't Talk No More

Black Gloves, Black Mask

Black Shirt, Black Pants

Blue Steel, Blue Vest

He Dead, You Next

Black Gloves, Black Mask

Black Shirt, Black Pants

Blue Steel, Blue Vest

He Dead, You Next

I'm Commin', Through The Front Door, Mask On, Let's Ride

Everybody On The Muthafuckin Floor, Soon As A Nigga Get Inside

My Hood, My Click, Your Wife, My Bitch

Show A Nigga That You Really Love Him, Set Him Up To Hit A Good Lick

Cops Comin', I'm Not Runnin, If I Do Die, Don't Cry

I Haven't Planned On Stayin' Long Anyway, I Ain't Gon' Lie

Wonder Why I Still Got Bricks, Wonder Why I Still Got Clips

Cuz Ain't A Damn Thing Changed, Ever Since Young Buck Got Rich

Are Ya Ready For The Outcome, Why You Walkin 'Round Without A Gun

Shit Real, Till A Nigga Get Killed, Then You Wanna Run And Get One

Fuck That! I'm Callin' Out Names, Ja Rule, Ya'll Lose

I Don't Even Care How It Started, Fuck Me?, Fuck You!

Wait Till Yayo Get Home, We Gon' Really Get These Niggas Gone

But For Now Nigga, Hold On, Im'a Show You How To Break A Bone

Cashville, Tennekee Nigga!, We Thug You Knew It

New York, We Here, For Life, G-Unit!

Black Gloves, Black Mask

Black Shirt, Black Pants

Blue Steel, Blue Vest

He Dead, You Next

Black Gloves, Black Mask

Black Shirt, Black Pants

Blue Steel, Blue Vest

He Dead, You Next

[50 Cent:]

Yeahhhh, Young Buck Nigga, Cashville, Tennessee Nigga

From Your Hood To My Hood Muthafucka, New York City Nigga, Haha

Real Shit Nigga, It's All Good Nigga, Haha, It's All Hood Nigga

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