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Artist: Young Jacob
Song Title: Sleep Tonight
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Suns comin? up
You?re comin? down
Look out your window
And the city is sound
Fame and misfortune have done all they could
Misunderstood it?s never all good
You know
15 minutes doesn?t mean it?s gonna last forever
It comes and it goes
If you know


Then maybe you?ll sleep tonight
Maybe you?ll dream in color
Instead of black and white
And you?ll wake up happy in your darkest hour
Maybe you?ll sleep tonight

You sell yourself short
Faking a laugh
Cry on my shoulder
I?m watching your back
It just isn?t worth the price that you pay
At the end of the day, you give it away
Hey, hey,
15 minutes doesn?t mean it?s gonna last forever
It comes and it goes
If you know


And maybe you?ll dream in color
Andmaybe see the light
And you?ll wake up happy in your darkest hour
And maybe you?ll sleep tonight



Maybe you?ll sleep tonight (repeat until fades)

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