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Artist: Young Lay
Song Title: Ruthless Adolescent
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[Young Lay]

Baby fuck back now you could bet a girp that I won't slip

Even though I love to perk some hennessey with lemon squeee

With lemon squeeze all the jerk it just might work through the night

But yet we ain't sangers cuz I keep my game tight

I be kickin the stuff holding the mic

With a slight grip as I like a smith and stop a stressin

A ruthless adolessence you might become a lesson

Put on My suit and clown naw playa that's what hoes do

All the rhyme sales so I'm storming through

But since birth but I been doing this type of shit 80 13

I'm really not that clean when I'm on the scene gangsta lean

Roll info deep but our gats in the seat I would really like to creep

With all the playa crew cuz your hoe I'd be gattin through

He told me all about cha your spots and your where abouts

And how to catch you slippin trippin on that main route

You say this by the kitchen I told the hoe to get a kid if he's a playa

She's coming with me I got fried fo it genius for a weed bag

in 92 see Pac in the jail naw nigga he's a foo' but I wasn't in the

But I'm gonna teach this as a Lesson 1994

Yo ruthless adolesnece

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Hittin the clean you rather see me sober

Peace to the niggas that hearing this

[Young Lay]

Pay back lay back got a sac of boones

Sittin in wracks with the cutties in they back room

Diggity Dam dungeon cunt I split the weed smoke

That my peodic come they just get keyyed and making a mail paper juice in

They cookin thangs they hate this mail I will I guess I gots to make the grip

I got a gap so thick it's going down it's

Gonna make me shit but I ain't trippin they got me living dangerously

And carrying an extra clippin cuz even these hoes are aiming me

Instead of wanting to be blaming me

But hoochie hoes is crazy hoe lifestyle changed

When she had the baby now she want's to

Name me but liggidy low is sex do love them to be your baby

But lookin like the next dough

And shit got crossed up cuz his bitch knew my buissnes can I get a witness

They driving fools delirious peace to the niggas

That be hearing this ruthless adolessence


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