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Artist: Young Mc
Young Mc Author
Song Title: Fuel To The Fire
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or could it be you cause you do your voodoo baby
I never thought that one could really get the job done
keep me warmer than the normal hot like sun
see cause everybody wanna get down for a minute
get a girl in your world and you take it to the limit
this sweet young thing and me kicked it for a while
but she gave me more drama than the OJ trial
see my chest went boom when you walked in the room
and I knew I wasn't needed here anytime soon
I had to get your name number information
because certain body parts had inflimation
in fact from the front and the back you was hittin
and I said damn from the place I was sittin
to say I'm not sprung well Young would be a liar
you're taking me higher adding fuel to my fire


ya don't stop
that's because you're adding fuel to my fire
ya don't stop
that's because you're adding fuel to my fire
ya don't stop
that's because you're adding fuel to my fire
ya don't stop
that's because you're adding fuel

now body temperature's ninety eight six
but I caught the fever when they put you in the mix
no doubt hon straight up you got me open
and I don't need aspirin or i v propen
ooh look at you hella tight and on hit
and you've got no idea girl what you gon' get
just because I gotta fever that don't mean I'm hurt
I have a hundred five temperature and still you work
oh yes indeed lover give you what you need
lover coming like Keanu with the speed lover cut me and I'll bleed
lover but I never lose my spot the grooves I got is hot
giving it my best shot
so move around baby boogie to the sound
and we won't stop rolling to the car breaks down
and if it's a flat then yo I got a spair tire
you're taking me higher adding fuel to my fire


fine and genuine you had me high from jump
and I have to worry bout paying at the pump
cause the fuel is free don't need cash or credit
you're the steamy one with the premium unleaded
bonafied as you walk with pride
see my tank is full so come and take a ride
I got a clean front seat that's got your name on it
we can roll to the crib for the night if you want it
so boom-sha-lock baby listen to me rock
cause you got more style than all the girlies on the block
and I bet yo kiss can make a prince from a frog
have the brothers sayin yo is it good to you dawg
I say yes but not just to impress
cause you look so right in that skin-tight dress
and the flesh will fade because it's only skin deep
you're not here to get paid because you're not that cheap
so creep with me as we roll through the night
and don't sleep with me until you know that it's right
that was thirsty girl until you quench my desire
you're taking me higher adding fuel to my fire


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