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Artist: Young Mc
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Song Title: Pick Up The Pace (1990)
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I'm shovin' off like an ocean liner

No one can rock the microphone finer

East, west, north, South Carolina

Alex and Vivian chillin' at Mel's Diner

Off to China 'cause I got a show there

Get my passport, then I'm gonna go there

Who do I know there? I guess no one

But I will have fun and I get the job done

On the airplane, movin' like the Concord

Come and join me, everybody on board

You won't be bored with the stuff I'm pickin' up

Watch me quicken up and with the pace, I pick it up

Pick up the pace


Second verse and never cursin'

Rockin' the microphone with the style that I'm reherasin'

In person, that means liver

Swimmin' and slimmin' just like a deep sea diver

I'll arrive, uh, just to go faster

Grab the microphone and show that I am the master

Of disaster, cookin' up a potion

With the funky rhymes to put the people into motion

Of the ocean, movin' like the water

Here's the menu, go place your order

It's a slaughter, a felony of chatter

And pickin' up the pace is the subject matter


Break it down

Oh yes, I pick up the pace

Take a look at the crowd and take a look at my face

Listen to my rhyme and listen to them yell

It's like a man in jail gettin' out of the cell

I don't why they go by

Weak names and swear that they're so fly

They gotta try it again to rock the mic my friend

Go from A to Z and from beginning to end

Now I could go slower, like the other guys do

But I ain't with it, that's what I'm tellin' you

I think it's kind of stupid, I think it's a disgrace

Instead of going slow they should be pickin' up the pace

Like this

Rock and roller

Coca Cola

Hot like soda

Rollin' like a boulder

Dancin', prancin', mic enhancin'

Just give me a chance, and girls, I'm romancin'

Understand it, underhanded

Leavin' you stranded, runnin' like a bandit

Yo, young money, in my hands you're putty

I'm pickin' up the pace and rockin' the mic

Yeah, buddy


Pick up the pace

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